Vers l'infini & au-delà.
Je m'appelle Ash et je crois en l'existence des licornes. :)
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Sandor & Arya 4.08 “The Mountain and the Viper” [x]
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Summertime sadness
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Alex Simms
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Wolf and goat
A wolf and a goat have unimaginably become friends in Xinjiang, China. Villagers went out hunting and found the newborn wolf and it was raised with a goat who had recently had babies and had milk to share. Now the wolf is three years old and is inseparable from his nursing mother goat, they eat and sleep together..Rex Photos
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Oscar Zabala
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● vintage & indie blog ●
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there’s something charming, sometimes, about a bed that sits on the floor. i don’t know why, and i certainly don’t think that it’s inherently telling. but it often gives the impression that maybe a person doesn’t have their shit completely together. i like that. 

ask me to check out your blog, looking for more to follow xxx
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A man guiding a London bus through thick fog with a flaming torch, 1952
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nature & vintage blog

● vintage & indie blog ●

● vintage & indie blog ●